1-Asia oil No. 01
nstructed by Asia oil company, and
This is the first factory constructed by asia oil company , and started up on 27 th of March 2001. It produces gas oil, Hydraulic oil,and Engine oil grade SAE 30. SAE 40, and SAE 50  read more 


2- Asia oil factory No. 02

It is the second factory constructed by Asia oil company after three years of the commissiong of the first factory. It is based on modren technology and started up on 19 th of May 2004 It produces Gas oil, Hydraulic oil, Engine oil grade SAE20Ws0
beside the grades SAE 30, SAE 40, and SAE 50.   read more

The productions are controlled Via two quality control centers  according to the ASTM standard test methods before marketing. 


3-Production of base oil by using Fuel oil

4 - Asia Crude Oil Refinery:
Crude oil topping unit for producing Naphtha, Diesel, and Fuel from the process of refining crude oil

5 - Asia Drum Factóry:
This is a distinct factory for producing metal drums. It is an integrated  factory has the following processes: manufacturing drums from the metal plates, washing & cleaning, and painting.

6 - Asia Plastic Factory:
Produces plastic gallons which fit all the characteristics of a variety uses (size, color, shape ...)


7 - Aisa Grease Factory